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Over the past few months we have been tweaking the usability of the Admin Tool for editing posts.  We definitely suggest using Windows Live Writer for publishing you blogs due to the awesome plugins and support of image uploads, we understand the need for a non-Windows editor for posts or updates.  One of the bugs submitted to us in the usage of our text editor was reformatting of posts when you publish from WLW and then make changes from the admin tool.  The tool was eating up all that good formatting and making the post ugly.  Well we fixed the bug and now it should keep the nice editing from WLW.  The example plugin I have used to ensure the good formatting is “Code Snippet” for WLW, which is totally awesome.

Sample Code:

private void SetCommentControls()
    if (!Config.CurrentBlog.CommentsEnabled)
        chkComments.Enabled = false;
        chkCommentsClosed.Enabled = false;

If you see any other bugs on, please submit them to



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