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Programming and Learning from SD
I'm moving to a different location and computer for work, so for my own sake (and maybe yours) I'm documenting it here.
  • Time tracking written in Silverlight by my friend David (
  • : I even bought a license last year
  • Notepad++
  • Workrave - helps me remember to take breaks
  • clipx - clipboard memory
  • Evernote
  • : Gunnar Optiks seem to help my tired eyes or a light prescription with reflective coating. This is an ongoing battle for me.
  • Google Reader
  • Silverlight Spy
  • Fiddler 2
  • WinMerge ( - the VS 2013 compare tool is now much better, so WinMerge isn't needed as much.
  • CLRProfiler
  • for SVG Editing
  • for simple image editing
  • Just Decompile
  • Atomineer - it was GhostDoc, but I realized I needed to buy it for commercial development (or is it ok with the Personal license?). Atomineer is only $9.99 where GhostDoc pro is $65. Atomineer also allows custom commenting, which I need a different format than the normal XML (using Doxygen) at my current client.

Visual Studio 2010

  • NuGet
  • PowerCommands
  • JsLint
  • Productivity Tools
  • SlowCheetah - XML Transforms for web.conf previews
  • Spell Checker
  • SqlComplete
  • Web Essentials
  • XAM Intellisense Presenter
  • vscommands
  • Auto History Extension
  • TFS Power Commands
  • Web Essentials
Resharper (bought it December 5th, 2012 and it is extremely useful)

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