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I was able to go to the HDC again this year in Omaha, NE (#hdc15 on Twitter). As always there was a lot of great speakers and it was a lot of fun.

  • Think about your desired outcome and work backwards to figure out how to get there. This works for development, life goals, parenting, selling ideas to business/management, etc. Thanks to Joe Olsen from Phenomblue also one of the original creators of HDC.
  • Users have habits and don’t always enjoy the change as we think they should
  • Windows 10 is better than Windows 8 because Microsoft listened and invited feedback this time from insiders.
    • They implemented feedback and users felt like they had a voice
    • They used AI to parse through feedback
  • You can use JSON for a REST API, it doesn’t have to be XML. I found this link later (
  • POST vs PUT
    • Use Put if the client knows the id, otherwise use post
    • Use Put for updates
  • Use 204 No content for responses from delete and head requests
  • API evolution: make changes backwards-compatible => don’t return an array, start by returning an object with an array as a property.
  • Use etag to handle concurrency update issues.
  • Mobile Engagement Preview looks cool
  • TinkerClip for 3d printing (be a maker!)
  • there are a lot of opportunity for developers to connect things to APIs or build things
  • GraphDB would be something to look into. Tinkerpop was the recommendation
  • Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS, more from MSDN magazine) can be a good architectural decision
  • Scalable processing of PDF creation on many VMs is a great use case for MSMQ with a micro-service architecture. The demo was impressive. Their company took a process that took 20+ hours to process on a single computer to a scalable solution and now achieve the same thing in an hour.
  • Don’t ever restart a MSMQ process that is in use. It causes a lot of exceptions and things to cleanup.
  • Insights into application usage, exceptions, latency, etc can be very useful to drive quality and use cases of code.
    • The presenter showed up their New Relic usage, but I think you can get similar information from AppInsights.
    • It was really interesting how New Relic is able to correlate through put and cpu/memory/etc into an understandable way. He had some saved reports he had made after something was broken in a release and they were able to react quickly.
  • Azure Resource Groups and Manager are the new way and will be very useful
    • Azure SDK, file new project Azure Resource Manager lets you setup an environment with a Json file and power shell
      • delete all but the last line (according to the presenter)
  • You could spin up at 64gb or RAM VM with VS for your development and be about $20 a month if you turn it off when not using it.
  • Good analogy for Docker containers: A server/vm is like a pet that takes a lot of effort to build and maintain. A container is like cattle that are limited in configuration and uniqueness and when one gets sick you terminate it and create another one from an automated process.
    • Lesson: Limit your pets and move towards cattle.
  • Good company, Laser tag, Arcade, Bowling and free food make for a great conference evening party


I’m blessed to work at a great company that enables me to go to HDC each year. It was fun that we had a booth this year. I’m looking forward to going back next year!

Last year I wrote up some notes about Technical Debt which I ended up using the term at least once a day for about a month.

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