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We've all been there... It's the feeling you get the first time you walk into a large social networking event.  You're like a tadpole in a pool of sharks, all of whom are leagues smarter and more experienced than you, and they are all waiting for the right moment to eat you - or worse - humiliate you when you say something that might disagree with their pedigree.

The truth is that nobody knows anybody (except, perhaps, the speakers.... but generally speaking, they didn't get to speak because they bullied their way to the podium), and they are all just as nervous as you.  For all they know, you're the next Joel Oleson, and they are scared of you.

It's because of this pervasive fear that I thought I'd share this great 5-minute video on that I saw today on how to be social amongst large groups of people you don't know.  The video is geared towards parties in general, but the concepts remain relevant to help you get over the fear of networking.

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