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I have been running Windows 7 64 business /  IE 8 for about 2 months now, and it's interesting to say that this version of Windows is the most stable that I have ever worked with.  That is, if you exclude IE8. I am at my pc for 10-14 hours a day, and I will honestly say that its a GOOD day when IE crashes less than 6 times.  It seems to happen most often when I try to multitask within IE.  (Navigate to a site that has multiple links that I want to read and start rt-click--open in new tabbing.)  When I have all the links that I want to view "prepping", I will go to the first and start reading.  If I started this process from a Google search, chances are that several of the links are not what I was looking for, and I will try to immediately close them.  The problem is, that if all the "background" tabs have not loaded, the whole browser seems to lock up and die. IE8 does have the option to let you re-open your existing browsing sessions, but when this happens 10-20 times a day it gets pretty tyring.  I know that I have other browser options (Firefox/Chrome), but I am developing .Net solutions best hosted in IE, just frustrating.

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