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Linux/Unix: How do I find any partial file name on any directory?

We've all been there-- like -- where's that offline htm file i bothered to save last week ... oh I think it was blue something... or was it something blue?

find ../ -name '*blue*.htm*'  -print

If you want to keep it in an output file to sort through later while you do something else:

find ../ -name '*blue*.htm*'  -print > $HOME/ foundBlue.txt


How do I run (execute) a .bin file in Linux (Ubuntu) ?

If you are on a desktop version of Ubuntu, you can right-click on the file icon, click the permissions tab and click on "allow execution". If you are on a server copy without the desktop bells and whistles (or you would rather work with a command line in a terminal window), then do the following: sudo chmod +x myProgram.bin after you enter your password and get the prompt back type: ./myProgram.bin ......

How do I know what version of Ubuntu I am running?

From the terminal type:

lsb_release -a

How do I move my cursor OUT of the Sun Virtual Box back to my Windows environment?

For Sun Virtual Box:

 use the Right-Ctrl (read: the ctrl key on the right side of your keyboard).


For VM Player:

ctrl + alt

How do I view/see the PATH in a windows environment?

For those of you working with LINUX/UNIX and you've typed:

c:> echo $PATH a command line expecting to see everything in your path on startup and saw only 'PATH', don't fret!

type this instead:

c:> echo %path%