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My old (generation 2) nano iPOD won't shut off.

Try holding down the Menu and Selector (push-button circle in the center) down at the same time for at least 2 seconds.

My iPOD keeps saying "Do Not Disconnect" while charging. I can't listen to anything.

The simplest answer is because the iPOD software detects that it is unsafe (read: data loss) for your iPOD, Computer or both if you were to disconnect the cable without ejecting the device first.Here's what to do:On the Mac-- Click on the Finder icon Pick the iPOD icon.Navigate to the File menu--select Eject iPOD On a Windows OpSys device-- On the Start menu, click Computer (e.g. Windows 7).Right-click on the drive/device letter or iPOD icon (read: the icon doesn't always appear)Select Eject.The ......