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Thinking Through Rules in C#

As I continue with writing the manuscript on rules engines, I've isolated my examples to be coincidental with the overall theme of engineering decision support applications. Today, I am taking a close look at the seemingly simple act of identifying and rejecting unattractive alternatives when competing projects are under review to determine whether or not a given project will warrant funding. Some of the determining factors are well known algorithms in the financial world. Specifically I am thinking ......

Mining Stored Procedures to Develop Business Rules

I am currently working on a manuscript about business rule engines; their purpose in large scale enterprise integration projects; their role in SOA architectures--and their untapped capability in enriching data warehouse-based intelligence delivery. Today, I am outlining the criteria for comparing two divergent products: TIBCO's iProcess Decisions (part of the BPM product suite) and Microsoft's Business Rule Engine (BRE) (installed with BizTalk Server). For the nuts and bolts of this first comparison, ......