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Convoys are groups of related messages that are intended by a partner business process to be handled in a specific order within an orchestration.


1 Concurrent Correlated receives

Concurrent correlated receives are correlated receive statements in two or more branches of a Parallel Actions shape. If a correlation is initialized in more than one parallel task, each correlated receive must initialize exactly the same set of correlations. The first such task that receives a correlated message will do the actual initialization, and validation will be done on the others.

2 Sequential Correlated receives.

Sequential correlated receives are receives that are correlated to previous receives. Convoy processing takes place for cases in which the correlation sets for a receive are initialized by another receive.

Taken from Pro BizTalk 2006 (By: George Dunphy and Ahmed Metwally)

posted on Monday, August 18, 2008 5:41 PM