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When PCs were first coming out, we had to write a business case and present it to management to get one.  "How is a PC going to improve productivity" was the mantra.  It seemed silly.  Our mainframe dumb-terminals had 5 sec page down response time while editing a file. 

But there is a hidden cost to these marvelous tools.  I've often thought it would be interesting to keep track of all the little things you have to do to a PC and the time it took.  Install a driver, backup files, take an SMS push, reboot, spend four freaking days recovering from a PointSec failure - it all adds up.  Over a year, how much productivity do you think is lost because of this fabulous productivity tool? 

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Your posting makes me remember something.

NASA wanted to invent a pen which can be used in space. So the ink inside needed to take care of gravity, dry out soon and all other stuff.

They wanted to find out how the Russians did the same. Russians used pencils.

So may be it is easier to do the good old way !!!!
Left by Harish Devanathan on Jan 08, 2008 11:29 AM

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