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Filtering Public Files
Michel Verhagen at GuruCE has just published a very nice blog post about Filtering Dat Files. In the article, he shows how to use a batch file to remove lines from the Public DAT files during makeimg. Note that this technique can be used to filter lines out of other file types as well, including bib and db files. Tags: Makeimg, Dat Files Copyright © 2008 – Bruce Eitman All Rights Reserved ......

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Platform Builder: Using STR Files
One way to customize your project configuration files is to use string replacement with STR files. Technically, the STR files are for language localization, but that doesn’t exclude using them for customization. In fact, when you create a new project using Platform Builder for Windows CE 6.0, your project will contain a cebase.str for you to set your device name in. STR files are plain text files stored in your FILES\INTLTRNS\<Local> folder. If you aren’t sure which folder you are using, open ......

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Platform Builder: Fmerge Tips and Tricks
Platform Builder: Fmerge Tips and Tricks Fmerge is a file merge utility that runs when you run makeimg. Fmerge is used to concatenate and process bib, reg, dat, db and nls files. Each file type is handled in a different way. Tip1, check the makeimg output. The makeimg output includes the fmerge command line for each file type. This can be valuable for understanding which file is included when, and the name of the output file that is created. I will leave it to you to review the command line to check ......

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