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Platform Builder: Cannot open include file: 'windows.h': No such file or directory
The following is unique to Platform Builder, and applies to any version. The problem is that when building a driver, BSP or sub-project, the compiler fails with the error message “Cannot open include file: 'windows.h': No such file or directory.” There are probably many ways to cause this error. Many of these are simple user error, like accidently deleting or moving windows.h. But let’s focus on the most likely problems that can cause this. 1. The most common cause that I have run into is that the ......

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Platform Builder: Sources.cmn
Sources.cmn is a build configuration system file that allows you to set common variables. This can be useful if more than one directory in the build tree need the a variable set to the same value because it can reduce your maintenance efforts. Each build tree can use one sources.cmn file. When build.exe runs, it will determine the root of the build tree by looking for the top most folder with a Dirs file. Build.exe then sets BUILDROOT to the top most folder with a Dirs files. Makefile.def in Public\Common\OAK\Misc ......

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Platform Builder: Sources Files 2
I was looking over my original post about sources files (Platform Builder: Sources Files) today and it occurred to me that there is room to improve. That post provided basic information to create a sources file that will build a driver. The following are other things that you can do within a sources file: Set CFLAGS and AFLAGS CFLAGS and AFLAGS cannot be set in a sources file. Instead, you will need to set CDEFINES and ADEFINES to set compiler and assembler command line flags. Set CDEFINES, LDEFINES ......

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Platform Builder: Sources Files
Earlier I posted about dirs files and stated that dirs files are the direction signs for build.exe. Sources files are the destinations. When build.exe finds a sources file, it stops and runs nmake to build the source code in the directory. Sources files set environment variables that are then used by nmake when interpreting the makefile. Of course if you have looked at the makefiles, you see that they typically only include the makefile.def in Public\Common\Oak\Misc. Setting variables in a sources ......

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