July 2014 Entries

WES: Changing System Sounds from the Command Line
This article will discuss how to disable the system sounds via the registry. I know that the title is change system sounds, but trust me if you can disable the sounds, you can also change them. For this article, I will change the registry using a batch file. My customer requirements are: Disable system sounds Disable the start up sound Once I disabled the sounds, the customer changed the requirement to include setting the sounds scheme, so we will do that also. Starting with disabling the system ......

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WES: Rotate Display
As part of my continues set of articles about setting up WES, the following shows how to rotate the display from a batch file – don’t get too excited, first we will need to write an application to do it. The reason that I want to do this from a batch file is that in the end, I want a set of batch files that will install drivers, like the display driver, and do some configuration of the system. So this is just one step on my adventure. Note that this Article originally will target Windows 7. Given ......

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