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Windows 8

© 2011 By: Dov Trietsch. All rights reserved Logging – A log blog In a another blog (Missing Fields and Defaults) I spoke about not doing a blog about log files, but then I looked at it again and realized ...


Hi All, Sysprep creates a snapshot of a virtual machine with BizTalk Server 2010 installed for quick deployment on other virtual machines Prerequisites Before using Sysprep, you should have some knowledge ...

Jesse Taber,

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Valter Minute,

The new roadmap of Windows Embedded has been announced, this is great news for anyone that wants to use Windows Embedded technologies in her/his device. Roadmaps are usually stuff for marketing people, ...

Valter Minute,

Per chi ha tempo e voglia di fare quattro chiacchiere sui sistemi embedded microsoft, il sottoscritto parteciperà al TOSM, dal 16 al 18 Novembre a Torino e, in qualità di speaker, a WPC 2011, il principale ...

Tim Murphy,

I was listening to .NET Rocks episode #713 and it got me thinking about a number of SharePoint related topics. I have been working with SharePoint since the 2001 product came out and have watched it evolve ...


Poland now joins the countries shown as using less than 1% IE6 on the map at Austria should be shown in green but the legend for China obscures it ...