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Visual Studio 2012
Vincent Maverick Durano,

This example shows on how to add rows of data in the GridView control. In this example, I created a simple database table called “Table1” for storing the data. The Table has the following columns: Id – ...

Chris Eargle,

I can't believe I've been writing packages for Visual Studio and didn't know about the series of blog articles on Visual Studio Exensibility by DiveDeeper or about the VSXtra project. Since I want a quick ...

Chris Eargle,

If you're creating toolbars and menus for Visual Studio, the only way to get a crisp icon for the item is to use a 32-bit bitmap, which is a 24-bit bitmap plus an 8-bit alpha channel. Unlike lower bit ...

Alan Smith,

I’ve just published the second in a series of WCF/WF 4.0 webcasts on The second webcasts looks at the Flowchart workflow designer, and how it can be used to implement a simple electronic ...