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I regularly rant about programmers not knowing the fundamentals without giving any concrete examples. An acronym that I coined with an esteemed colleague during one such rant is FBC (Fully Buzzword Compliant). Many programmers can spew buzzwords like pickup lines in a bar, and many of them can even give a correct definition. However, when it comes time to apply the associated technique or technology, they are clueless regarding where to start.

One thing that perplexes me about this is that there is so much information on the Web that would help foster this capability, but these programmers do not seem inclined to educate themselves. A second thing is that these fundamentals have been around longer than most of these programmers have been alive. They are nothing new or groundbreaking. Modern programming languages and techniques build on them; hence, they are fundamental.

Furthermore, I consider internalizing these fundamentals an ethical responsibility and necessary to becoming a true craftsman, rather than being a code hack who is FBC. Given the plethora of writings on the Web and published in books, I do not feel alone in this regard.


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