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Summer is not my time of the year.  I'm not a fan of warm sunny days.  The only good summer day, is a few hours lounging on a deck with some beers and the grill going.  Other than that, summer is so dull and repetative, almost every day (except stormy ones, which are few) is bright outside and warm or humid.  There's no huge change other than an occasional rainstorm.  Here are days I've been daydreaming about lately:

I love fall/winter days where the sky is a dull grey, just ready to burst with snow.  Outside there's little to no noise with a chill blowing in the air, making you bundle up in a jacket.  As a light variation on this, I love days where there's a slow snowfall, where the snow just gently falls from the sky.  These days you can go outside and it's completely silent outside.  The air is cold but not freezing and there's only a slight breeze.  Sitting outside in a nice warm coat your face is cold but your body is warm.  Going inside you warm up and drink/eat lots of very warm calming things.  Perfect.

The other day I love is more of a location idea.  Imagine sitting in a small wood (or some type of) cabin in the woods.  Outside rain continues to fall all day long and every once in a great while there's an occasional rumble of thunder.  Sitting outside, the air is cool but nice enough to sit out in a t-shirt.  The rain falls on leaves, sticks, and trees making little noises as they hit the ground.  A perfect day to sit inside and look out, totally calming.

For some reason both these day-types have very low volumes, either silence or very calming noises.  I would love to find a CD just to relax to of the sounds of the second day but the problem is everything is this stupid rain-forest crap.  Seriously, I listened to that and it was louder than some rock music I listen to, with torrential downpour of heavy rain slamming against creature that are squaking and howling uncontrollably.  Writing that little paragraph about the winter I was totally calm and felt great, writing that sentence about the rainforest totally tensed me up.

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You need to go to Moab Ut in July or Aug.

Hike outside of town (anywhere) for 1 hour moving away from the town.

Find a juniper or rock to hide from the sun.

Just sit and listen.

With no wind or movement, you can actually hear the heat. Now that sound defines "calming".

Left by Travis on Aug 06, 2008 2:28 PM

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