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Most people who Google some form of 'business' and 'games' typically comes across this awesome site that I've read for quite awhile now called  Gamasutra features loads of info on the business and development side of games as well as job postings and blogs by experts and site members.

I've been a mamber there for quite awhile now but only started posting there.  In fact, today's post there is an updated version of something I posted here.  Everything I'm going to be posting there is going to be much more formal and more topic specific compared to this blog where I sometimes have some just general update posts (such as this one).

Recently I wrote 2 awesome articles basically summing up all the blood, sweat, and tears that I've spilled over my game engine from the first days of PongRPG through Turf and finally to today, with RhinoXNA.  Check them out!

<a href="">My Gamasutra Blog</a>

Don't worry, I'll continue to update here, I just don't want to hassle with re-publishing the same articles back and forth.  At most I'll probably just mention the blog posts I've done there and link them from here.

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