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Wow, it has been awhile, so let's do some catching up.  In January 2011 I joined a local gym and have since been pretty dedicated to that and work leaving me little to no time for personal projects (although I've lost almost 40 lbs!).  This includes both this blog, posting at Gamasutra, the Deep Fried Devcast, and anything else.  Add to this my recent increased interest in music and guitar and I've been left with very little extra time.  In fact, I've changed so much about the way I spend my time that I sold over 75% of my video game collection and am only down to a handful of games.

With that said, I've found time in my schedule where I'd like to become more productive and as a means of achieving that goal, I am going to make my return to the projects mentioned above.  I've had more time now that I've started playing video games every night and I just feel like I could spend my time on better things that would help me get to where I want to be (gaming industry).  Here is my listing of proposed changes:

  • Return to GeeksWithBlogs with a different focus: this means this blog will only be tech posts from now on relating specifically to my projects and items learned within.  No more miscellaneous posts (after this one)
  • Update and continue the Deep Fried Devcast with a different focus: the Deep Fried Devcast will also go through a different focus and while I'm not sure of the exact nature, it won't be the dedicated open format I was trying to do before.  This means the show will probably return as a one man show and focus on things like news with a smaller emphasis on how they're made to a point
  • Continue my work on personal projects: this has always been a big issue for me but I think I've gained the ability to focus in the last six months and I know I can accomplish more than ever
  • Clean my apartment: this is self-explanatory, but honestly it's much easier to work in a clean environment than a cluttered, messy one

Watch for future updates on my personal projects and code tips for game development.

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