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Ok, here it is. like a true geek I have downloaded the Windows 7 beta with a view to kick the tires on the new MS OS before the unwashed masses get it.

I only have two machines at home; The first is a slightly aging Compaq Presario v4000 laptop, which I have had for about three years, it currently runs both Windows XP home (OEM) and Windows Server 2003 on which I do casual development, however I have used it in the past for more in depth development, to be honest this machines current role mostly consists of a computer for me to throw money down the drain playing online poker..

The second machine is a new desktop that I built myself, it has fast processors (Intel E8400), adequate ram (4Gb but only half the slots used) and a truck load of disk space, I built this machine to reinstate my 'moonlighting' development work but as yet have been too busy. So this one have become my media center as there is a problem with the digital tv reception in my area, I have an HDMI cable running from this machine to my TV.

But here is the problem, I know the desktop/media center would run Windows 7 without breaking a sweat but I would ideally like to install the beta on the laptop and test it out. This way if the installation fails or for some reason the machine is taken out of action, I will still like to be able to use my media center (Solving the problems of the world huh),

I have read on many articles how well Windows 7 is performing on lower spec'd machines, even netbooks, but my question is how low do these spec's extend. I don't want to go through the whole installation experience only to find that my aging laptop is past its prime and cannot keep up with the OS Jones's.

For those of you who are considering walking the path I am currently lost on, Gizmodo has a great bunch of Windows 7 articles.

FWIW; From the feedback that is seeping through the intertubes it seems that Windows 7 is shaping up to be what we as .net developers have waited a LONG time for, an operating system that we can be proud of. I think the .Net community is holding is collective breath.

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