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I like to hear good news, and I was especially happy to find out Packt Publishing has reached a very significant milestone: 10 years in business!

For us, humans, 10 years signifies the beginning of the teen years, leading to maturity, the same is true for businesses. I am sure Packt is well poised to begin its teen years as an even more IT centric educational content provider to IT professionals, students, and enthusiasts. I am sure it will continue to remain DRM free and support OSS as it did for the past 10 years.

Happy Birthday Packt and its employees!

You may ask why do I care so much? What ties you with Packt?

These are valid questions and I have multiple reasons:

Firstly, I read a lot, and Packt has offered me numerous opportunities to review hot, off the press content. I shared all my reviews in this blog and also on GoodReads. Packt allowed my to meet and made connections with many wonderful people and authors as Davide Moraschi, Kevin Dunglass, Rafal Kuc and many more. Also I had an opportunity to review books from my fellow MVPs as Reza Rad and Jen Stirrup. I highly recommend their books. Lastly, I want to personally thank Pack for being such a generous sponsor for our SQL Server 2014 Ontario Launch Party at Microsoft Canada which was such a huge success.

On a side note, for us, the IT folks, keeping up with the technology is utterly important, even if you think you will not be able to implement something you learned at work today or become more marketable, it is good to keep ones brain in a good working order and try new things, keep abreast with what is coming and sharpen your skills.

So avail to the offer which runs until July the 5th.

Again, Happy Anniversary Packt!

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