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Being “stuck” with SQL Server as a heavy user for over 16 years makes my heart tic each time I see a new book or any other reference released. Therefore, naturally I was glad to hear from a Packt Publishing representative on the opportunity to review a fresh off the press (or imaging) book SQL Server 2014 Development Essentials (publisher’s book site) by a very trusted in the #SQLFamily person as Basit.

Read it in one large gulp as the book is not lengthy at 170 + or so actually useful pages. The material is written in concise, clear manner. Besides, I expected least at as many more pages for such a complex and feature rich product.

But what did the book promise?The primary goal is to have a reader developed enough skills to deliver a successful database application.

The book targets database developers, administrators and architects.

However, the book deserves a lot of criticism, for example the many-to-many relationship in the book is represented in form of two tables, unfortunately, the true many-to-many relationship in RDBMS` cannot be achieved without an interim, third table, this will make many folks upset so I have submitted errata, but I can’t understand how Packt makes it shared for all readers. I shall continue on this note and also tell that even a greater flaw in this book exists – overall,s i it not providing enough guidance, advice or reference. I mean if a topic say on locking is covered why the author would not advocate on which locking option to use under what circumstances? The same applies to most topics. Furthermore, I was surprised almost nothing was covered about a database operating in the Cloud (Azure), CLR functions, CDC, no mention on Service Broker, Master Data Management, Data Quality, etc. the same is true to many more canned features (just too many to mention); without the aforesaid this book is of much less help to software architects and incomplete from for developers. The not so advocated to be used SQL Profiler is covered beside the Dynamic Management Views whereas I expect the database tuning and troubleshooting become a separate chapter on its own.

In short, I am disappointed this time, I just fail to see what gap this book closes and simply how it is any better than just reading on product features on Microsoft’s site, then more in-depth in BOL, MSDN and blog posts of the most prominent SQL Server industry leaders.

Two stars out of five because it may be served as a guide or read as preamble to starting developing a new SQL Server based database.

Disclaimer: this book was given to me for free by Packt Publishing in exchange to publishing a timely review.

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