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Cloudera Administration Handbook is just another great what I call 'desk companion' book, especially a must for a beginner Cloudera Administrator.

Written in a well balanced volume of material to feature coverage ratio, by a person from "the trenches" Rohit expands exactly on what a Hadoop Admin needs and should be using in retrospect to the Cloudera offerings in this area of expertize to successfully accomplish ones day-to-day tasks.
However, it is actually a lot more than just an admin's book, it also teaches how to install most of the Cloudera Hadoop ecosystem components, what components are typically in use by what in a business and how to configure each. That all is done in a thorough, precise and professional manner without any extra fuss or foofaraw.

I liked that the author expanded briefly, but nicely on the new features in Hadoop 2.0. For me the coverage on Map-Reduce appeared the most valuable. I admit it is a rough area of Hadoop.

The troubleshooting part must be the one to read on and re-read, but also high availability, backup, balancing, and security. Especially the Kerberos setup, I deem it a very necessary, yet rarely covered topic, that also appears very hard to understand, may be at least to me, but it was worth going through that very much. Overall, as an aside, CDH distribution is very extensive and feature rich no wonder a whole book can be dedicated to just this topic. The Cloudera Manager now after reading the book I must say is an awesome tool to have on board, it is just a great helper, but it requires a good book as Cloudera Administration Handbook by Rohit Menon to get acquitted with.

Have it beside you, at your desk.

Five out of five stars.

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