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Problem: We were installing code on a MOSS 2007 Medium Farm Deployment.  We noticed the servers were missing sever WSS/MOSS 2007 related patches.  We applied the missing patches but then realized Search was no longer functioning properly.  One of the most noticeable issues was we could no longer access the "Search Settings" page under the primary SSP.  Prior to applying the patches this page was accessible but now we just saw a 403 Forbidden Error.  The event logs and the SharePoint logs weren't much help either.  Basically, we knew the problem had something to do with permissions but we couldn't find any hits where to look.  Additionally, this seemed to be the only page having issues.

Solution: After searching several blogs and MSDN I finally found a single post by Jörgen Bjerkesjö that provided the solution.  The problem is caused by the local wss_wpg server account not having write access to the %windir%\tasks folder, usually c:\windows\tasks folder.  This folder is used by Windows Task Scheduler.  So to fix the problem the wss_wpg account needs to be given write access to the c:\windows\tasks folder on the index server. 

Note: The c:\windows\tasks folder is a hidden folder by default.


  • On Index Server or all server in farm
  • Open a command prompt and type attrib -s %windir%\tasks <enter>
  • Browse to %windir%\tasks, right click and select properties.  Add the WSS_WPG group and grant Read & Write permissions on the tasks folder.
  • Open a command prompt and type attrib +s %windir% \tasks <enter>
  • Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 8:35 AM SharePoint , Debugging | Back to top

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    cacls "%windir%\tasks" /T /E /G WSS_WPG:C

    should do the same thing.
    Left by royashbrook on Feb 05, 2008 11:04 PM

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