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I found that the way the material was presented in chapters one and two was extremely useful.  Even though, I had programmed a bit in C# (and other C-related languages), the explanations provided by the book helped fill in gaps and bring back to mind concepts, that I've forgotten over time.  I found the introductory information to be clearly stated and easy to understand.

I've literally installed Visual Studio 2010 5 times in the past two weeks (and I'm not even a help-desk person).  I installed it once on my boyfriend's computer so that I could do my assignments, then I got a new computer and installed it a second time.  Then I started a new job so I installed it on my development box.  Of course I had to install it on my production machine as well.  And just to top it off, I went for yet one more in my virtually hosted SharePoint environment.

Posted on Sunday, February 5, 2012 4:16 PM Beginning C# | Back to top

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