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Melanie Draves programming and what not March 2012 Entries
Rock, Paper Scissors program - pseudo-code
Since I love case-statements, I decided to make the most out of them during the rock, paper, scissors program.The gist of the pseudo-code I wrote up for the program is below./* CIS 217 Midterm Melanie Draves 04 Mar 2012 Pseudo-code Narrative dsecriptionProgram will simulate a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. To do this, the program will generate a number at random from 1-3, which is to be the computer's selection.Once user selects their choice, the answer and winner will be revealed.Then the user can ......

Posted On Sunday, March 4, 2012 6:41 PM

Joe's Automotive program - Pseudo-code
Pseudo-code for Joe's Automotive program/* pseudo-codeProgram: Joe's AutomotiveName: Melanie DravesDate: Feb 26 2012 Narrative Description:Program calculate and display a customer's total charges incurred for a visit to an automotive establishment.Calculations for regular services are based on the following schedule: Inspection 15.00 Lube job 18.00 Tire rotation 20.00 Oil change 26.00 Radiator flush 30.00 Trnsmissn flush 80.00 Muffler replace 100.00 nonroutine svc 20.00 * Hours workedCalculations ......

Posted On Sunday, March 4, 2012 6:35 PM

Hospital Charges program - Pseudo-code
Before I program solutions, I like to write pseudo-code to plan out the steps that I intend to take!The following is my plan for the Hospital Charges program/* Pseudo-codeProgram: Hospital ChargesName: Melanie DravesDate: Feb 26 2012 Narrative Description:Program will calculate the total cost for a patient's hospital stay. Calculation variables include: number of days of hospital stay medication charges incurred surgical charges incurred lab charges incurred physical rehabilitation charges incurredProgram ......

Posted On Sunday, March 4, 2012 6:30 PM

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