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A couple of days ago I decided to reinstall the latest Microsoft Developer Training Kits. One of those kits was the Windows Azure Training Kit. It turned out to be a web matrix install that seemed to take forever. More importantly it installed SQL Server 2012 for me. It may have prompted me but I don’t remember but once installed I entered a couple of days of nightmare mode. My RSSBus ADO connection to QuickBooks had stopped working and worst of all LightSwitch was totally broken. The problem is it gave me several different exceptions but none of them led to a searchable solution.

I uninstalled LightSwitch. I uninstalled Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and then reinstalled them. After tearing my hair out (figuratively of course) I restarted Visual Studio and attempted to build a LightSwitch application and for the first time received a new message “Sql Server version not supported. 11.00.1750”. A search led me to a fix that needed to be installed on Visual Studio and finally things started working. My problem is that it took me forever and jumping through hoops to reach that error message and I hope this saves others. The URL for the fix is:

One last small note – BE SURE that your SQLEXPRESS or whatever instances are running. Check them with Services. Good luck.

I just thought I would add one new item to this blog entry thus keeping things all in one place. If you’ve ever been hit with the dread Red X you will know what I mean. The problem is that searching on the web for a solution will take you from Rome to China with few applicable answers. I finally found an answer that seems to fix the problem every time. Simply delete the contents in this location. C:\Users\[yourusername]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Data\SQLEXPRESS

You may need to stop SQLEXPRESS using server manager to be allowed to delete these files and you should also start the windows explorer instance you use as an administrator. Don’t forget to restart SQLEXPRESS when you’re done. LightSwitch should now work fine.

Bud Aaron the Geriatric Geek

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