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This is an interesting question one of my friends asked me recently. Answer to this is very subjective…. So often business owners get into the trap of numbers and miss to appreciate and honor the factors that are generating those numbers for them. Yes, being financially successful is the basic reason for doing any business. However, you have to build a lucrative ecosystem to be able to have a sustainable business. I believe business is “people” and “money” is an output of the business. Business is a people game and employees make lot of compromises (at personal level) to be able to make the business successful. Many business owners fail to acknowledge and honor it in right way which triggers such questions.

Finance is the core of any business and all successful control it very closely. Someone who don’t control finance properly understands it’s importance hard way. I will segment business owners in multiple types:

Dynamic business leader:
• These are dynamic leaders, build leaders around them and have a charged team to execute.
• Gets the best out of his/her team
• Will always look at the larger picture and not hesitant in spending money on goodwill of employees. Employee is his/her investment
• Most successful (overall) and can build the biggest of businesses

Capitalist with loads of money:
• They invest in ideas and people
• Do not really get involve closely in business (many times) as long as they see/get their profits
• Level of risk they take is highest as they are not the one in control

• Toughest to work with.
• Most successful (financially). Can get the best return on investments but most time won’t make it BIG.
• Technically, there businesses can behave like start-ups even about 10 years of operation.

• In best control of commodity/product and production.
• Many times confused and can take fatal decisions. A technically correct product might not be a business correct product.
• Having a business mind + technologist is rare.
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Real businessmen don't think about money all the time, or about being the best in the game. True leaders are rarely — maybe never — the best performers, they are always looking for people smarter than them to put them to work at what they are good at. And dynamic leaders always deliver, it’s all about performance, improved behavior and outcomes.
Left by Sightline Payments on May 08, 2011 11:56 AM

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Adding one more point about business owners which prompted me to write this post was - I rarely see businessmen with a mindset of building an enterprise. Building a money generating team/office is different from building a sustainable enterprise.
Left by Jay Kinker on May 10, 2011 12:00 AM

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