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My team was facing acute errors just about the delivery time. We approached MS India, freelancers, topic expects but so solution. In our case, I found out that this was a local environment issue rather than a generic issue which is why no one had any solution.

Environment: SharePoint 2010
Issue: we were getting error while creating a new site from a site template we had created. Our deliverable to the client was a site template.
Our resolution (steps):
1. Create a new “site template” without content.
2. Prepare a fresh installed SharePoint 2010 environment
3. Create a new site using the “site template” (WSP file) at the new SP portal
4. Now recreate or export/import all backend date like lists, documents, etc.
5. Create a new “site template” from the new SharePoint 2010 environment (which now has all artifacts)
6. Now deploy the site template and create a site using it on any SharePoint environment.

More details about the issue and it's resolution:
• Devs were able to export and successfully create new sites using the template until 2 weeks back
• Only things which changed during this time was that we installed a new third party SharePoint tools and webparts
• We were able to create a site template but it was failing to create a site on another site collection in absence of some missing components
• We were getting correlation error {e995e28b-9ba8-4668-9933-cf5c146d7a9f} which means we need to have “MobileExcelWebAccess” activated. We were not able to find how to activate this component.
• I then uninstalled the additional component (installed couple weeks back) and removed the webpart. I also used clean up tool ( to remove some features. This did not resolve the problem
• I then tried to take full backup and restore on other site collection. I noticed that the webparts and features were cleaned but yet a part of back files.
• I then tried working with a fresh SharePoint environment which worked (as above).

Errors that we received while creating new sites using a custom template:

An unexpected error has occurred.
Correlation ID: {C111a414-03fa-44b2-b9c8-f23ba0e0214f}

The site template requires that the Feature {e995e28b-9ba8-4668-9933-cf5c146d7a9f} be activated in the site collection.
Correlation ID: {2e31b8c9-78a9-4a10-8779-539a811a83f5}
Posted on Friday, April 22, 2011 10:00 PM Microsoft Technologies , .Net Technologies | Back to top

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# re: The site template requires that the Feature e995e28b-9ba8-4668-9933-cf5c146d7a9f be activated in the site collection
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MobileExcelWebAccess is part of Office Web Apps. You need to activate that feature on the destination Site Collection and you should be able to import your site template.
Left by Toni Frankola on Nov 06, 2011 3:57 PM

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