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When you leave your homes, the first thing everyone checks these days is if you have your phone with you. It's not your keys nor your wallet, but your phone that you’re most worried about forgetting.

Mobile devices are becoming everyone’s lifeline in a lot of ways. It seems hard to find someone who’s not with their phone. Your maid who comes in the morning, the vegetable seller, students, kids and almost anyone who you see around will have one or more mobile devices.

With recent acquisitions of Instagram and Glancee, many are asking why Facebook needed to acquire those relatively new companies? Why not! You should not be surprised if they shop few more players in mobile space. I see this as a good sign for companies like Facebook appreciating the change. Mobile is the future and everyone will have to align themselves per their need.

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Posted on Sunday, May 6, 2012 2:08 PM Microsoft Technologies , .Net Technologies , Outsourcing , Mobile Technologies | Back to top

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