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I've just opened a project on CodePlex -  !!!

This project will implement various algorithms related to artificial intelligence, numerical analysis, NLP, object recognition and quantitative finance. It will initially target C#, and eventually F#.

First exercise - port Java AIMA 3 to C# from


so far I've ported the utils - helpers, data structures and basic linear algebra classes
  • Matrix class - Implemented ICloneable, ISerializable.GetObjectData (may move to DataContractAttribute instead)
  • cleaned up code via resharper
  • MixedRadixNumber class – unfortunately, there is no .NET equivalent for java Number ValueType base class – will come back to this
  • Get & Put operations – replaced with property accessors, indexors
  • Made whatever I could linq enabled
  • Cleaned up comment overloads
  • For comparison of floating point number used an epsilon 0.00001
classes that were left out from aima.core.util.datastructure - because of existing equivelent classes in .NET BCL:
  • FifoQueue - Queue<T>
  • LifoQueue - Stack<T>
  • Pair - Tuple<T1,T2>
  • Point2D - Point2D
  • Triplet - Tuple<T1,T2,T3>
  • I left PriorityQueue in for the moment - I may replace with OrderedBag / OrderedSet classes in PowerCollections or Parallel Extensions extras
classes that were left out from aima.core.util - because of existing equivalent classes in .NET BCL:
  • ArrayIterator – IEnumerable<T>
  • CancelableThread – Thread (may move to Task anyway)
  • Converter – LINQ ToDictionary, ToList operators
  • SetOps – LINQ operators

All fun & games !!!

Posted on Monday, September 5, 2011 11:19 AM Numerical Computing , Quant Programming , Artificial Intelligence | Back to top

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Nice work!

I would like to contribute. I see this impacting some of my projects.
Left by Malisa Ncube on Sep 09, 2011 10:07 PM

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It is such a useful idea. It will be a relevant process in my project. - Bath Planet
Left by Michelle David on Jan 11, 2017 12:16 PM

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