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They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but don’t write your aging parents off too quickly. There is a lot they can learn about technology that will make their day to day lives easier and help them stay in touch with the outside world. 

While your parents may not be able to get out too often physically, tech allows them to escape the four walls of their home without going anywhere.

Here are some examples of tech and how they can help your aging parents.

Video calling

With families scattered around the world, your parents need to be able to stay in touch with their relatives. Often, it’s the only way they can see their children and grandchildren during the long interval between visits. Even if you live close by, you might not be able to see your parents every day. Between work and raising a family, there aren’t enough hours in the day.

This is where the video call on regular smartphones or simple devices designed specially for seniors, can save the day. Talking face to face, even if you’re not face to face is so much better than a phone call. 

Your parents will be thrilled to see you and your family, and you can reassure yourself that they are okay as well. A regular video call will soon become the highlight of their day.

Social media

Believe it or not, you’re going to have to have ‘the talk’ with your parents if they’re new to social media, just as you did with your children. However, many of them take to it like a duck to water, especially if you have in-home caregiving services with a caregiver who will provide a bit of tech support when necessary.

Social media is the best way for your aging parents to reconnect with friends they may have lost touch with over the years. Getting in touch again and building a network of friends and family is very rewarding, and your parents will get to see what everyone is doing because of their status updates.

Online shopping

A great deal of shopping can be done without leaving the comfort of your home. Your parents can benefit from this as well. Using online shopping apps, your parents can do a lot of their shopping and have it delivered to their doorstep. This is especially helpful when they’re not as mobile as they once were.

Make sure your parents understand how online shopping works and how to be careful when giving out their financial details. There needs to be a balance when it comes to online shopping. After all, you don’t want your parents to become shut-ins, so they need to get out of the house occasionally.

Smart tech in the home

If you’re worried about your parents’ safety, there are lots of tech options you can use to give you peace of mind. One of the most popular tech solutions is smart lighting. Set up the lighting system so that lights come on when triggered by motion. This will avoid an unnecessary fall. 

Have you ever worried that your elderly parents are going to forget about the food they’re cooking and cause a fire? It’s a reasonable concern since a lot of older people can become a bit forgetful. Smart smoke detectors will alert your parents if there is a fire. 

Not only that, but they also detect high levels of carbon monoxide, such as those that would be caused by a gas leak. A programmable thermostat helps to keep the temperature in the house regulated, meaning less worrying about the heating system, and a lower energy bill.

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