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With the main focus on Google, many marketers overlook Bing which can provide a constant, valuable source of traffic. As the majority of websites focus on optimizing for Google, this means there is not as much competition on Bing and it may be possible to rank higher. Targeting Google is obviously most important but you should also check out what Bing can do for you. 

Google and Bing share many similarities but the algorithms they use are different. Despite this, SEO for Bing is not really much different from that for Google. They both look for unique user experience, mobile-friendliness, quality backlinks, up-to-date on-page SEO and quality content. 

Some testing done by marketing experts found that users tend to spend more time on websites, visit more pages and subscribe to more newsletters on Bing. You may just find you experience a lower bounce rate and more clicks on affiliate links. 

Claim and optimize the Bing business listing

By visiting Bing Places for Business, you can claim ownership of your business listing and add business information or import data. This is just like claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing. If local content is optimized correctly, it can increase your online purchases. A Houston SEO consultant from SEO Subscription can help you optimize your local ranking. 

For more exposure, you can use local listings like Yelp to help Bing find and index your website correctly. 

Optimize your content for Bing

Bing values authority content that’s well-presented and sufficiently detailed. Content length research shows that content of about 1,600 words maximizes your chances of ranking on Bing. Publishing rich multi-media, fresh content using images, audio and video on a regular basis will help you to rank. 

Using relevant keywords is a search ranking factor in Bing. It’s important not to get spammy with keywords, however, and to use them in context. Adding proximity keywords in a post, if possible, can increase your chances of getting traffic for local SEO. 

Link building is important 

The more links you have, the more authority you will have on Bing but the quality of your links are important too. It rewards websites where links have grown organically. Bing Webmaster Guidelines indicate that abusive tactics for getting links, such as link buying and link schemes, can exclude your website from the index. 

The right strategies for building links on Bing include using keywords as anchor texts, targeting well-established sites to build links, driving social media links and more. It prefers links coming from authority websites and usually ranks .edu, .org and .gov sites higher. The links are important to help Bing find new pages on your site as only your top 10 most influential pages are crawled. 

Tag your website

Use tags and categories to get your website discovered and indexed. By tagging and categorizing content, the Bing crawlers know what to expect from a post. It also improves user experience as visitors to your website can easily find what they are looking for. 

Optimize on-site SEO elements

On-site SEO is even more important than off-site SEO for Bing. Two important elements of this are internal linking and a sitemap. A site audit can help you to identify any issues with your on-site SEO and how to fix them. Good linking strategies and an XML sitemap can increase your traffic from Bing. 

Social signals are a vital ranking factor

Bing states that it uses social shares to understand whether a page is popular with users. If your content is shared frequently, you will rank better in the SERPs. 

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