How to add a group without using wizard after a report was created

SSRS 2008 gave me a lot of white hair for sure.  Here are a few things I learned that have made my life a little easier.

  • Do not use Page Header, or rather, page header is useless.  If you want to do anything with data per page, use the group header.
  • Do not use column header given to you by default.  Create your column header as another row in the inner most group that does paging; you can control it better from there.
  • When creating report for the first time, create header and footer for each group, and then hide them if you don't need them.  They will save you a lot of grief later.  For example, if you don't have any header for 3 consecutive groups, good luck trying to add a row in front of your 2nd group.
  • If you really have to mess with grouping, do not add around the outer most or the inner most group.  Instead, add it to the middle level and change the property of the inner/outer most group to match what you want.

Even though I'm a Microsoft guy, I can't give SSRS any slack because I worked so much with Crystal before and know how easy it can be.  We need to catch up!

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