Switching my legacy desktop back to Windows XP from Windows 7

I was happy with Windows 7 at the beginning, until I started to add in the peripherals.  Windows 7 was never able to recognize any of my PCI video card (I know, I know, we should be in the DVI age).

Anyway, I went through another 4 days of trouble setting my computer up with dual monitor in XP (also did a bunch of other things like getting rid of my sound card and taking the computer off RAID.

Kind of feel stupid to put the computer on RAID in the first place because now I can have 2 drives:

  • double the page files
  • program seems to run faster
  • Microsoft Sync toy 2.1 takes care of my backup needs (Thank god they solved the network drive issue)

As of last night, the system is running beautifully.  I still have a laptop with Windows 7, but even that is in dual boot mode.

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