Thanks to my wife for a dream machine

2 months ago I learned that there is going to be a Windows Azure Boot Camp, free, 2-day, code-intensive.  The only catch at the time for me was that I didn't have a laptop, a requirement for this camp.

Thanks for my beautiful and tolerant wife, we provisioned and I got my dream machine.  Waited and shopped for a long time to get a reasonable price, but I got the following spec:

  • 8GB ram
    Necessary for me to run my virtual environments
  • i-5 4-Core CPU
    Want 4-core for virtual environments, but not a fan of hyper-threading, so no i-7
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports
    Hook up to my USB 3.0 portable external drive, it's like having a SATA drive.  My virtual machines are flying.
  • dedicated video card
    Free up system resources.

Now I am enjoying this Boot Camp and I got my DEV environments all set up and portable.  I'm one happy man!

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