Windows Azure Diagnostics Notes

Windows Azure Boot Camp:  Diagnostics (

  • Remote desktop
  • MonAgentHost.exe starts Auto, listener wired up in app/web.config
    Need to define a storage account
    User can set quota
  • Source to Storage:
    Example:  Trace log to Azure Table; IIS Logs to Blob; Windows Event to Azure Table, Crash dump to Blob, ...
  • Load Diagnostic Agent
    <Imports><Import moduleName="Diagnostic" /></Imports>
  • OnStart({DiagnosticMonitor.Start(connectionstring)})
  • TransferFilterLogLevel and TransferLogPeriod (???)
  • When done, call the SetCurrentInstance() to persist the change.
  • IntelliTrace (require .NET 4, Visual Studio Ultimate (can deploy, but need Ultimate to play back log [Kevin: really? wondering how the log parses]})
  • All API calls must be signed with a registered administrative certificate X509, can register up to 5
    Create self-signed certificate:  Go to deploy (publish) >> Not the create package
    During export, make sure you get a copy of PFX file
  • Fault Domain, default of 2
    Upgrade Domain, default of 5
  • Azure does not autoscale, mostly a billing concern.
    SQL Azure becomes Read-only when you go over the limit.
  • Download Grey Box application (from CodePlex)
  • Some plugins available: C:\Program Files\Windows Azure SDK\v1.4\bin\plugins\
  • IIS Remote Manager


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