Windows Azure Queue Notes

Windows Azure Boot Camp Note:

  • Queue name must be lower case
  • Unlimited number, but limited to 8kb in size
    must be serializable as XML
    GC runs once a week
  • Producer to Consumer

    Example: WebRole PutMessage() to Queue, WorkerRole GetMessage(optional Timeout), (or/then, this part is unclear as to why I have to do this) RemoveMessage() (Q: Does this mean GetMessage, after successful, puts the message back on queue?  That should not be right.  From the notes I get, there is no commit or lock on the message during processing.  I can see this being promising, but for the level it's built right now, I don't think it's ready for business applications)
    The follow up I get is the GetMessage doesn't remove the message, the control rests with the program.  If the program doesn't respond saying the message is good and processed, the timeout will put the message back into the queue.  So if the program processes the message, it must call the RemoveMessage() to dequeue.

    Other methods: PeekMessage(); Note: Peek doesn't count as transaction, but GetMessages(10) saves some money.
    Notes: combined with the previous point, why would I use Peek at the current time?  If I peek, there is no lock to guarantee the message, but I can do GetMessage and do the processing to determine whether I want to RemoveMessage().  I definitely need to do more research on this part.
  • Create CloudQueueClient
  • Compare to MSMQ, there is no event, so must use sleep in polling.

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