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#stldodn Azure HDInsight Using Storm

This is very interesting.  However, if the output stream is a key/value pair, I wonder how this type of system will compare to the one built on Erlang?   If I have time, Erlang is definitely the next language I want to learn (ok, aside from data languages)

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OLEDB going away? Microsoft claims to be deprecating it in favor of ODBC

In case you haven't heard. Microsoft claims to be deprecating OLEDB in favor of ODBC. Seems like they want to push as many people to the cloud as possible... http://social.technet.micro... ......

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Enterprise Library for Windows Azure with Autoscaling

Hurray for the Enterprise Library developers!  Always a big fan of your work.

Watch the video here:

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Windows Azure Cloud Computing Scenarios Notes

Windows Azure Cloud Computing Scenarios Notes: (http://wabcdemos.cloudapp.... Things to consider for architecture: Does It improve bottomline? Does it improve strategy? Independent scaling break down components into the smallest unit When increasing capacity, cost doesn't go up much, when scaling down, capacity doesn't suffer a huge drop ......

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Windows Azure Diagnostics Notes

Windows Azure Boot Camp: Diagnostics (http://wabcdemos.cloudapp.... Remote desktop MonAgentHost.exe starts Auto, listener wired up in app/web.config Need to define a storage account User can set quota Source to Storage: Example: Trace log to Azure Table; IIS Logs to Blob; Windows Event to Azure Table, Crash dump to Blob, ... Load Diagnostic Agent <Imports><Import moduleName="Diagnostic" /></Imports> OnStart({DiagnosticMonitor.... TransferFilterLogLevel and ......

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Windows Azure Queue Notes

Windows Azure Boot Camp Note: Queue name must be lower case Unlimited number, but limited to 8kb in size must be serializable as XML GC runs once a week Producer to Consumer Example: WebRole PutMessage() to Queue, WorkerRole GetMessage(optional Timeout), (or/then, this part is unclear as to why I have to do this) RemoveMessage() (Q: Does this mean GetMessage, after successful, puts the message back on queue? That should not be right. From the notes I get, there is no ......

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Windows Azure Drives Notes

Notes from Windows Azure Drives: Why use this? One example is to satify PDF requirement (PDF files require a local temp drive) Durable NTFS drives Can be up to 1TB Commands: CloudDrive.InitializeCache() account.CreateCloudDrive() Must use Flush() to persist data Guidance: store key in config, encrypt it wrap key with service ......

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Windows Azure Blob Notes

Notes from Windows Azure Boot Camp: Blob: Metadata, not searchable, must loop through to check Block Blob, 200GB limit Page Block, 1TB limit Upload block blob PutBlock (bloblName, blockId1, block1Bits) PutBlock (blobName, blockId2, block2Bits) ... PutBlock (n...) PutBlockList(blobName, blockId1, blockId2, ..., blockIdN) Currently no data validation Page Block Random Read/Write Work with random chunks (so can work with smaller chunks, but can over-write data) Container ......

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Windows Azure Tables notes

Notes from camp: CreateCloudTableClient() CreateIfNotExists DeleteIfExists CreateTable Create Partition Key (don't use identity key as partition key) Create Row Key, must be unique per PartitionKey Use a lightweight copy to improve performance Use "batching" to increase performance, and also save money by reducing the number of transaction For example, ???Context.SaveChanges(Save... Queries Over 30 second is cancelled result > 1000, a continuation ......

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Azure Code Boot Camp

This is Day 2 of Microsoft Windows Azure Boot Camp.  Yesterday was excellent, can't wait for the events today.  One thing I do regret was not writing blogs about each topic yesterday; a mistake I will not repeat today.

For people who missed it, here is the link:

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