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Lately I have been diving deep into the world of TFS integration with MS Project 2007. What I mean by that is having a project plan that is created and then loaded into TFS as workitems. So the idea is that a PM can still manage their project in a tool that lends itself to that and that they feel comfortable with. One of the new features of TFS 2010 is that you can define work items as either a parent or a child of another.


This new relationship is fantastic when you are managing a small project andf you don't care about the structure of your project plan remaining the same. But what if you don't want any new work items created in TFS to "float" over to your plan through the MS Project/TFS client integration. In 2010, a design decision was made to recursively pull over all new work items that have a parent/child relationship with a task in your plan regardless of if you want then or not. In versions past the only way you could get new work items was to specifically click "Get Work Items" on the integration toolbar. So, like me, having new work items show up and start manipulating my data in Project will probably surprise you.


Have no fear, a work around is here!


Thanks to the help of certain MS employees I have been provided with a work around that will keep your original project plan consistent and allow you to manage new parent/child tasks solely in TFS. Should the time come when you, or your PM's, are managing the project this way. Follow the steps below for the fix.


1) Uninstall all remnants of VSTS 2010 or Team Explorer 2010 from machine

2) Download and install Team Explorer 2008 from - Team Explorer 2008

3) Download and install Visual Studio 2008 SP1 from - VSTS 2008 SP1

3) Download and install Visual Studio 2008 SP1 forward compatability patch from - VSTS 2008 Forward Compat Patch

4) Install in that order

5) Done


What happens is, the integration layer included in the MS Project 2007 client detects that, while you may be connecting to a 2010 TFS server, your local tool accessing it (Team Explorer 2008) doesn't have the ability to comprehend the new Parent/Child relationships. And voila, project will no longer be pulling your unwanted tasks into your project plan.


Hope this was helpful to someone else out there besides me haha....

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