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I recently accepted to do a review of “The Learn Microsoft Visual C# book 2010” by John Paul Mueller. I was in two minds on whether I really wanted to read this book – in it’s description it says it is targeting fundamentals of modern programming with Visual C#, but I wasn’t sure how fundamental it would be and since I have been working with C# for a while now, I wasn’t sure if it would be worth my while. After going through a few of the chapters of the book I would say this really targets very basic concepts – and has a focus towards the technology of .Net rather than programming.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is not anything wrong with this approach. I believe that a good developer needs to focus on both the theory of software development and the practical writing of software. This book definitely focuses on the practical side for beginners. With that in mind I got my younger brother to work through the book systematically as he was learning .Net for the first time and he definitely got value from the book – he now has an introduction to WPF, Asp, WCF, etc – but it is at that dangerous level of beginner. That being said, I was once a dangerous beginner and you need to start somewhere.

I would definitely recommend this book as an introductory text to .Net & C#, but highlight that it is introductory to the technology and you will want to balance what you learn in this book with additional material focussed more on the theory of programming than technology. Also, once you pass the beginner stage you will probably want something with more meat and targeted at a more professional level. For the hobbyist programmer, I would say this book is more than suitable.



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