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In my quest to improve speed with developing software I have been investigating how to put as much as possible to the keyboard. This has opened a world of shortcuts. Today I thought I would blog about the top 5 shortcuts that I didn’t know about before that I have found useful. These are shortcuts that I haven’t seen to many people use, see how many you know…

1… Selects the Address Bar

Alt + D

Most useful when you are in a Web Browser and want to change the url address.


2… Move active window to other screen but keep the same size

Windows Button + Shift + Left / Right Arrow Key

For those that use multiple monitors this is similar to Windows Button + Left / Right, but instead of resizing the window to take up half the screen it keeps the size and moves it onto your other monitor.


3… Minimizes all but the current window

Windows Button + Home

Again, I find this one useful for multiple monitors – where you want to see what’s on the desktop and have the other application open on your other monitor


4… Moves up one folder level in Windows Explorer

Alt + Up Arrow

I wish I had know this one before… If you are in Windows Explorer and want to go “up” a level – this is what you need to do. Try this one!


5… Shows the Windows Task Manager

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Useful for killing apps quickly

Do you have any that you think would also be useful to add – leave a comment!

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# re: 5 of the most useful unknown Windows Shortcuts
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I like Windows + e to open a new Explorer window.
Left by Ryan on Jan 07, 2012 11:08 AM

# re: 5 of the most useful unknown Windows Shortcuts
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Win + L - lock screen

Win + Pause - opens up the System settings dialog in Control Panel. Used to go straight to the System Properties dialog, which was very useful when developing and having to change environment variables from time to time.
Left by James Barrow on Jan 19, 2012 10:54 AM

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