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Matt Roberts Rails and .NET March 2006 Entries
Bloggers Block (and IE7)
I think I've got bloggers block. Every time I think I'll blog about something useful, I always find someone who's been there, blogged about, bought the T-short etc :) The one thing I have been doing a lot of recently is using IE7. Its a big improvement over IE6, with lots of very useful new features......buttttt.... most of them are just plain stolen from FireFox!! You've got your RSS feeds built in, tabbed browsing, little mini-search thing in the top right, ooh and a developer toolbar featuring ......

Posted On Friday, March 24, 2006 1:23 PM

Visual Studio 2005 IDE Performance tips
VS2005 can drag its heels, even just opening an innocent SQL script into the IDE can cause delays of around 20 seconds on my reasonably fast PC. I've not been able to resolve all these issues, but I do have 2 performance tips that can help generally (and I'll add more as when I find any!) Turn off HTML errors in the IDE if you don't need them. Goto Tools->Options, and then expand "Text Editor", "HTML", and click "Validation". Turn off "Show Validation". Favour IIS for your web apps rather than on-disk ......

Posted On Wednesday, March 1, 2006 7:44 AM

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