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Here is the start of a short series on office practical jokes. Don’t expect the series to last long because I have attention deficit disorder. Soon, I will think of something else and this will become very unimportant. It’ll sit next to the peas that I left in the fridge two years ago. (That’s a metaphor, of course…the peas have actually been in there significantly longer than two years.)

DISCLAIMER:  These office pranks are provided merely for your reading pleasure and personal entertainment. Do not attempt to implement these office pranks on your own. I am a trained professional with many years experience. You have been warned, so I am not responsible for you getting the hell beat out of you.

Oldies, but Goodies

Let’s get started! I think we should start things off with a timeless old trick that still leaves the unaware dumbfounded and searching for Ctrl-Alt-Del. This one is good because it takes advantage of the wonderful penchant that Windows has had in the past for just…you know…locking up. People expect Windows to fail, which is probably what makes this one so powerful and so so funny!

Prank:  Take a screen shot of a user’s desktop and replace their background with it.  There are a couple of variants on this one that are equally funny.  Closing all of their windows before you take the snapshot, leaving only their icons, is stealthy.  The target of this prank won’t realize there is a problem until they decide to move one of their desktop icons!  Leaving a window or two open, though, creates a short-term buzz.

Instructions:  These instructions are for the Windows Operating System.

STEP 1: Make sure the user is not at their desk and will not be back for at least ten minutes. (Check behind their trashcan, because users sometimes hide.)

STEP 2: Close any windows that you don’t want taking part in your prank.

STEP 3: Press the PrtScn (or print screen) button to copy the contents of the screen to the clipboard.

STEP 4: Run the Microsoft Paint program and paste the image from the clipboard into Microsoft Paint.

STEP 5: Save the image to the user’s pictures folder, then open that folder.

STEP 6: Right-click on the image and choose “Set as desktop background".

STEP 7: Close the user’s pictures folder, close Microsoft Paint, and RUN!

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