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Desarae is a Social Networking powerhouse. After she added me on Twitter a while back, I checked out her About Me page and was impressed with the sheer volume of sites and services she's a member of. She's on every one I'd heard of and a bunch more that were totally new to me. Being a Social Networking junkie myself, interviewing her was an easy decision. I considered doing the interview over Twitter, but then what would you have left to read? Without further delay, I give you NINE Questions with Desarae A. Veit:

image 1. Let's start off with an easy one... where are you from?
I was born in Rapid City, South Dakota (where most of my extended family lives now) and moved to Washington state as a baby with my family for my fathers work (he is an Electrical Engineer). When I was about nine we moved to Iowa. After graduating from West Central Valley High School I moved to Ames, Iowa to attend Iowa State University. In the summers I traveled to places like Oregon, New York City, the Hamptons, Florida, and South Dakota but always returned to finish school. Finally after college I moved to Minnesota to look for work and I'm still here.

2. What do you do? Where do you work? Give me the 10 second pitch.
I'm an interactive marketing strategist who does SEO, SEM, and Social Marketing for August Ash, Inc., a Minneapolis based web design and development firm. August Ash also specializes in SEO, SEM, E-commerce sites, social media, and prides themselves in holding high standards to all their websites (they're all web standards based.)

I personally also have a freelance business with Cory Vandenberghe of Digital Ives. Together (in both my freelance work and day job) I leverage social media for clients and teach anyone willing to listen how to better understand what the internet can do for them and how they will benefit from it. At Digital Ives I've played the role of designer, usability architect, strategist, programmer, search engine specialist, and social media maven.

3. How did you end up where you are now?
I met my current employer through social media, the same way I met you, through Twitter. I was invited in for an interview, hit it off, and have been helping clients since then. As for my freelance with Cory, we met at an AdFed after hours event, also hit it off and have been dating/doing freelance ever since.

4. Very cool, so you're obviously an outspoken supporter of the social networking scene, but what's the appeal for you? You've really embraced it more than most.
My first introduction to social media was in college when all of my sorority sisters started joining Facebook. Then at one of my first employers I started trying to think of new ways to improve our marketing strategies and stumbled upon social marketing without ever realizing that was what I was doing. After a while I realized I enjoyed figuring out how the sites were laid out, how profiles were set-up, and what differed from one similar network to the next. This eventually led me to being on 1000+ social networks, picking up a freelance contract with the National Defense University for a research project on social media, and a fun social networking wiki called

5. Where do you see it (social networks) going from here?
I see social networks having the opportunity to branch out into something amazing or die very slowly (which I highly doubt will happen). I'm sure in the immediate future niche social networks will continue to boom and try to coax in an already exhausted audience, some will create fantastic new ways to see networking (, youTube, aggregators). I also hope that this will completely revolutionize the way we live, connect, work and understand our neighbors. I could see every major company having intranets like Nike, IBM and Best Buy already have. I can see cable television going obsolete and online TV growing into something great like a mixture of Hulu, youTube, and ABC's online episode player. I see the internet and advertising being able to understand their audiences better than ever before and hopefully sites like Facebook being able to expand their capabilities and really leverage that opportunity, not to pester people, but to really connect and offer entertainment and useful information to a market that is looking for it. I see the old ways of marketing online being more and more obsolete and people needing to read and embrace books like The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Life after the 30 Second Spot, and This is not a Game being the next big things. I could go on and on but those are my favorite thoughts on Social Media's Future.

6. Describe your dream social network app... web, windows, phone, cybernetic implant, etc...
Haha, a phone that can project a 3d screen so you can have a computer any where you go. With all of the abilities of the iPhone and whatever else the Japanese are coming up with that we wont see for another 20 years.

7. I think I want one of those too, right now! Ok, next question. if you could be doing anything / anywhere, other than your current gig... what and where would it be?
I've always aspired to be a pilot. My initial goals in college were to be a fighter pilot. That will be my fun retirement career: to travel, meet new people, speak at events, write my blogs, and fly daily.

8. What's the biggest challenge you face in your job?
I did say I leverage social media and do SEO for a living, right? My job feels ideal. If anything my biggest challenge is it's ever changing, I'm constantly needing to go to networking events, read, watch podcasts, and try to understand Google. I love learning so I also love most of those challenges.

9. Last of all, I ask everyone this... any tattoos?
Nope, no tattoos.

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That will be my fun retirement career: to travel, meet new people, speak at events, write my blogs, and fly daily.
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