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This is my first post.

It should be my first post... hopefully - we'll see...

This is my first venture into the world of blogging; I hope this would be a good move - I believe it will have some nice benefits for me, and I hope it can help others too.

I plan to use this blog to catalog & detail (somewhat) any new things I learned during my day-to-day experience.  Sometime early last year, I realized that I learn quite a bit of new stuff just by doing my regular work.  I would just try to remember it though, and not actually document or do much with it.  Over time, that knowledge gets lost or changed in my brain - and there are enough occasions where I would encounter some trouble and I know I solved it before, but I've forgotten by then.

By logging these things I've learned, I can go back and look at it and it will help me with my general work / knowledge.  And if it may help other people, the better.

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