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Blogging is new territory for me, so I'm trying to look & see what stuff can I do with this blog site.

I found that you can create new categories, and then each post (I was correct that you blog by creating post - see my first post ) can be associated with 0 or more of these categories.  Found a way to edit my first post, so I can associate it with my categories.  Also found a way to hyperlink to my first post - again we'll see if this works later.

Doesn't seem to be any way to preview or test the post.  I'm pretty sure the experienced bloggers out there uses tools and whatnot to actually post anything.  I've also seen other blogs where there are tags associated with each post - I'm assuming the categories are it, but it doesn't seem to be visible in the actual post.

Lots of things to learn and see - got my password changed, and I think I need to go through the configuration and see what they actually do.  Defaults are usually nice and all, when I have time I'll check them out.

I hope that I can be disciplined enough to spend a few minutes every couple of days to document my learning - most probably that'll be the hardest part.  It's also a bit weird typing this - it's like talking to myself; oh well...

Second Post!

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Try using Windows Live Writer. It lets you author and store drafts to your local box, preview them in the theme from your blog, and publish when you are ready.
Left by Clint Edmonson on Jan 30, 2008 9:20 AM

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Can I transfer a skin to
Left by Michael Watson on Mar 13, 2008 1:16 PM

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