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After looking at some other blogs that reside here, they all look... better for lack a more suitable word.  Went into my configuration and there I saw Display Skin selection, so I gave that a try.

Most of the skins/styles are narrow-ish, which doesn't work very well with blogs that may contain code (like I'm planning mine would).  I got it down to a few selection that would work, and I'll just put it here so I can remember what they are (and not try them again one-by-one if I wanted to change it in the future).

AnotherEon001 – has about ½ inch blank space on the left side – I actually like the layout to this.
Cogitation – I actually like this quite a bit, but the couple of blogs I went to uses this exact skin too.  Maybe I’ll try something else first…
informatif – The fonts were way too big on this one – it looks decent, if only it can be customized to be smaller?
Lightz – This is pretty good – the only thing is that posts have fixed width, but code (I usually put them in tables) sticks out.  So it doesn’t lay out very well for me.
Semagogy – This is what ended up choosing, it’s also fairly down there in the list.  I wish the background color can be changed – I prefer a lighter, cheerier tone.  But the layout is great – it provides plenty of space to show the texts & code, it expands based on the largest table size being displayed.  The biggest drawback is that code sections are being displayed with large spacing.

I would appreciate any help anyone can give me (or point a link to) on how to customize small parts of the styles.  Let me know if this layout doesn’t quite work too.

Oh, I also found the preview button in the post editor - third button on top, the one with magnifier.  Since I post code, I usually maximize the editor when I type.

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you can override things like color by customizing the stylesheet. You can override a style in the skin for your blog.
Left by Aaron Kowall on Jan 17, 2008 10:06 AM

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