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I just went through the process of creating a VHD for use by myself and some other members on my team.  I had a pre-built base image with Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 Enterprise that I used to begin the process (Note: I was hoping to use Windows Server 2008 R2 but it appears it only comes in 64-bit and VirtualPC doesn’t support 64-bit).

From there I installed Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Beta 2 and Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2.  Everything went extremely smoothly except for one small gotcha right at the end.  After installing TFS I was going through the configuration wizard and trying to configure Team Build.  The first time I ran through the config wizard it gave me an error on the last step which was something like initializing the team build service.  The error message said something about not finding the user account, which was odd since I just used the local Administrator account and made sure to click the “Test” button in the config wizard to check that the username/password I entered was valid.  The exact error message was:

TF255070: Cannot register Team Foundation Build Service Host: User Account localhost\Administrator was not found

After a bit of searching and playing around I figured out how to fix the problem.  When running through the TFSBuild configuration wizard one of the steps is pointing it to the Team Collection to use.  When you do this and you browse for your TFS instance, and since this is probably the first time doing this you’ll have to go into the TFS Servers dialog and add in the instance, make sure that you use the actual machine name and not localhost or an ip address.  My mistake was I just entered localhost.  When I ran through the wizard a 2nd time (actually it was more like the 8th time before I figured this out) and used the actual machine name everything else worked great.

Next up I have to sysprep this and distribute it to my team.  I’m hoping that the Sysprep and distribution of the VM goes smoothly without causing any TFS issues.

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