de facto !!

"developers are hell-bent-for-leather to build everything from scratch every time, and that we have to learn to use tools to free us to build bigger and better things instead of re-inventing the wheel every time."

  • Code documentation is a virtue
  • 'Copy-Paste' is NOT COOL !
  • SRS is KING
  • Efficient estimation requires wisdom
Couldnt help copy-pasting this ;-) (
  1. Branch when possible
       Execute just the code you need
  2. Make Flags
       Clean up your sniffing
  3. Make bridges
       Orthogonal code? You don't say!
  4. Event Delegation
       Why use ten event handlers for one event
  5. Include methods with your getElementsByWhatever
       Callbacks: they're not just for sketchy Win32 enumerators anymore...
  6. Encapsulate your code
       Have you no shame? Cover yourself!
  7. Reinvent the wheel
       You're a programmer, not a robot - if you don't like something, make a better one...
Think Big, Start Slow, Scale Fast

posted @ Wednesday, February 28, 2007 4:51 PM

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